The model in this post is my friend and singer/songwriter Kayla T. We've been having so much fun figuring out her style, playing with trends, organizing her closet, and doing photo shoots for her upcoming website. Stay tuned, because the future is bright for this gorgeous girl!

I know you are loving this bomber jacket as much as I am!!

I found this one in the Nordstrom Rack near me. I was with Kayla looking for new outfits and found this bad boy! Couldn't pass it up!

For most bomber jackets, you want to pair it with neutral/simple elements so the jacket becomes the focal point of your outfit. Kayla is wearing a side slit black tee and distressed skinny denim. In Kayla's case, her blue hair pops on the black bomber jacket, we can't all have blue hair but as long as you can incorporate little fun accents into your outfits everyday you'll be poppin like Kayla!

Jacket: Nordstrom Rack

The army green bomber jacket is in most stores these days. Everywhere I go, I see it. So it is definitely a big trend right now. That's not a bad thing, just make sure you make it your own. This one if directly from Australia where Kayla went on a trip last summer. I love the stitching on it, makes it stand out from all the other ones I've seen.